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Susan Morris
Nowra Hill NSW
Ph:61 2 44218140



Langtry Lodge Show Results  
Dogs Nsw Illawarra & South Eastern Sat am - PM
Cooper RUNIS / NIG
Dudley Dog Challange  both shows
Southern Highlands 3day 
Cooper Fri NIG
Cooper Sat RUNIS
Maize Puppy of breed sat/sun 
Nowra District
Cooper BIS neuter sat and NIG sun
Maize bitch Ch rubob

Border Collie NSW
Maize Puppy in Show
Cooper RUNIS
Nsw southern BC 
Maize puppy in show both days
Cooper Neuter in show
Illawarra collie Neuter in Show 
Cooper RUNIS
Cooper RUNIG
Maize ROBOB /Res Bch


Dudley BOB
Maize RUBOB minor in grp

Wattle Cluster 
9 Shows 
Dudley 1bob RUBIG 2 ch dog
Cooper 2res 
Maize 2 minor in grp 2 res 
Sydney Royal 2nd 1 3rd 2x4th 
Milton 4 March 
Cooper Dog Ch 
Fleur Res Bitch RUBOB
Mazie 1St sweep S Baby in group

Robertson 11 March 
kangaroo Valley 18 Feb
Cooper Dog Ch 

lake George 14Jan 
Res Dog and Bitch Dudley and Fleur

Wollongong  am 
Dog Ch Dudley

Fleur Res Bitch RUBOB
Canberra Royal 24Feb
Dudley 4th
Cooper 2nd
Fleur 2nd
Jade 3Rd
Mazie 2nd

Robertson 11 March 

Sydney Royal 8 Apr and 10Apr

Southern Illawarra  Oct 
Langtry Acros The Tasman BOB Inter in Grp
Langtry Royal King Reigns RUBOB  Junior of breed
Langtry Crystal Diamond Bitch CH Puppy in GRP

West Wylong 3 days September
Langrty Royal King Reigns Ch DOG and 3 RUBOB junior in grp
Langtry Prof Mc Gonnagal  bitch Ch /2 res and RUBOB

Langtry Royal King Reigns
Sydney royal 2nd out 110 6-12 sweep 
3rd in breed

children Cancer 15 Nov
Langtry star Quality Baby of breed A & B Shows
Langtry  Across the tasman Minor of breed B Show 

25Oct  Tarago
Langtry Across the Tasman Baby of breed.
Tully and Poppy inter of breed and Ausbred of breed
langtry Across the Tasman  Baby puppy Illawarra 18oct first show

Sydney royal 
3rd Langtry Rapsody in blue (willow)
5th  aus breed Langtry Madam Hooch (poppy)

September Harry Neuter of breed at the southern BC
western Circuit Harry went Neuter in group 8 out the 11 shows
Sarah 10 mths BOB RUBOB 2 bitch CH and 4 RES CH well done young lady.

Maitland 3 day show November 
Friday Poppy bitch ch RUBOB 
Puppy in Show
Harry BOB Neuter
Poppy Bitch CH puppy in  Group
Harry Neuter in Group

Tully Baby in Group
Harry BOB Neuter
Tullamoore Show 11-14 Aug
Poppy 5 Minor in GRP ad 1st ss
Harry 8 Neuter dog and 1 best neuter of breed
Rosie Inter in Grp
Albion Park  05 May First show 2012 harry 3rd place 3-6 SS out of 30 puppies
Langtry Emilie Skye (Emilie)

12th February 2011

Judge  Mr T Horchner (Vic)

Henty Show Society

 7 points

Robertson 12 Mar 2011
First show for Langtry Hermione Granger (Rosie )
 Second Place to her sister
Langtry The Judge (TJ) First Place
Bulli District 03 April
Rosie 1st
TJ 1st
Camden 09 April
Rosie 1st
TJ res Challange
Albion Park 30 April- 01 May
Rosie 1St
TJ 1st
Rosie Baby in Group / 3rd 3-6 s.stakes
TJ 1 St
Cootamundra 6-8 May 
Fri /
Rosie / 2nd
TJ 1st
Rosie 1st opp pupp
 TJ First
Rosie 1 opp pupp
TJ Res Challange dog
Hawkesbury 13May
 Rosie 1st/ Baby Puppy in Group
Tullamore PA&H 
Mr Connell(TAS)
Rosie Bitch Chall (16PTS) Minor in GRP 2nd 6=12 ss 
 Tullamore Kennel club
Rosie 1st / minor =of breed
Lillie 1st open
TJ 2nd
Tullamore Kennel 15aug
Rosie minor of breed
Lillie 2nd
TJ 2nd
Tullamore Kennel Club.
Rosie and Lillie 1St
Trundle PA&H 17 Aug
Mr Tancred (NSW)
Rosie BOB(18) 2nd 6-12 ss
Lillie RUBOB
TJ 1st
Bedgerabong PA&H
Miss Davis (QLD)
Rosie Bitch Chall
Lillie 1st
Condobolin & District 21/22Aug
Rosie Minor of breed both days
Lillie Res both days
Peak Hill 24 Aug
Ms S Hannigan
Rosie Bitch Chall RUBOB
Lillie won her clall
Condobolin PA&H 27/28 Aug
Mrs Taylor QLD
Rosie Minor of breed both days
Lillie wone her class
 far South coast Nov
Rosie 2ns 6-12 ss / bit ch / RUBOB / RUIGRP / Puppy in grp



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