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Susan Morris
Nowra Hill NSW
Ph:61 2 44218140



Langtry Border Collies Have welcomed our first litter from our new IMP Dog Jayden
Sire :Le Clway European Legacy Import Hungary
Dam Langtry Money Girlsbestfriend
we have 6 black and white Boys and 1 Girl 
teh Girl will stay with us to be shown.

October 2019
Wow what a national we had  there was 400 bc in the Breed over the 2 days  I took 8  they all went fantastic  and did all they were asked but the 2 shining stars Cooper and Mazie 
Cooper Langtry Royal King Reigns  Neuter Dog Challange and RUNIS
Mazie  Langtry  Christmas Edition class 35 totaly out of coat shortlisted top 10 then finaly placed 5 th but the BIS was out of her class Intermediate bitch so could not be happier 

August 2019

This yr has been hectic to say the least mum broke her pelvis and  then while i was away  ended up in ICU  and is still in hospital  so 2019 western circuit was shortened but we had some nice wins Mandy  got 2 puppy in Group and Cooper 3 RUNIG but ha manage to gain 36 points  so he is even close to his grand .we was hoping by the end of the yr but due to it being so busy with mum we be looking at middle of next yr.

April 2019
Well easter came round and so did Sydney Royal  we took a team of 6
and had a lovely day all were youngsters pluss Dudley
Langtry Money Dollarand cents  1st in junior her sister Langtry  money Girls best friend 
3 RD abd  thier Brother Langtry Money Strapped forcash 4Th so this litter is very sucesfull
lLangtry Christmas Edition 3rd our a strong line up and out of coat .The 2 Puppies were just 6 mths the day before and nearly all the other were 12 mths but they held there own and enjoyed the day . I had heaps of helpers and we run so smooth ,Pam run Dudley and Liana, Jenny Took Mandy and Fred and I took Mazie as she is a mummies girl .
1st Show back after the royal the team is still doing well winning classes and Dudley DCH and Cooper  BOB DCH  in his Neuter Class  he is getting closer to his Grand.
March 2019
Wow langtry has had some great wins with our oseas dogs
Langtry Money Well Spent (Liana ) Lives in Poland
manage bch and a BOB in Serbia and gainer her Serbian CH
Langtry Abby round World  BIG in Osaka Japan
Langtry Across The Tasman  Robertson BOB RUBIG
Langtry Royal King Reigns Robertson NIG  

Feb 2019 
Fab Weekend 
Braidwood  Sat 
Langtry Across the tasman   BOB 
Langtry Money GirllsBestFriend  BCH /RUBOB / 1 ST SS and Puppy in Grp
Langtry Royal Kjng reigns BOB NIG
Langtry Money Strappedfor Cash Res DC junior of breed
Matteo and baby of breed

Sunday Braidwoood
Langtry Across the tasman   DCH/RUBOB
Langtry Money GirllsBestFriend  puppy of breed
Langtry Royal Kjng reigns DCH 
Langtry Money Strappedfor Cash Junior of breed
Matteo baby of breed 

Canberra Royal 22 Feb  38 bc entered

Langtry  Money Strapped For cash  1st out 5
Langtry Money Girlsbestfriend 2nd  out 5
Langtry  TRose Encore 3rd out 5
Langtry Christmas edition  3rd out 5
Langtry Across The Tasman  3d out 5

Langtry  Royal King Reigns 1st neuter sweepstakes out 22 all breeds

Bratislava Cacin Slovakian IMP Langtry Money Well spent 
1st junior  Exc1 CACJ and BOB out 32 BC

We have a great start to the new year  in the ring Liana Langtry Girlsbestfriend  Pupppy in grp
CH Langtry Royal King Reigns 2 NIG 2 RUNIG  the rest of the show team are wining thier classes .
Tully is on the mend after a tick  his coat is slowly growing back and he is back to his happy self that is so good .

January 2019 

Well show season has started we missed the first show as most people know my Miss Lillie passed away  4Jan she was 12yrs she had been well  but passed in her sleep she was my foundation bitch and so many of her pups and gran sons/daughters and great Gran son/daughters have gone on to be champions  she was a beautiful girl  a champion her self by 9 mths and 260 age in groups in a row ,a lovely girl both in the ring and as a house dog she will be sadly missed. We had Lake george last week and we had a good weekend Dudley DCH and a REs CH  Mazie Res bch both days and inter of breed , Liana puppy of breed both days and fred Junior of breed and res DC sat Cooper Dch and BOB  no frillies but lovely day earlie home and weather was good.

October Update 

This year has gone so fast and I have been very slack in my updates. The Langtry team have has some lovely wins the highlight of the yr. so far is Langtry royal king reigns at the spring fair Sat BIS Neuter 

Other lovely wins Liana Baby in show and opposite in show at the speciality show and she is unbeaten in class and has manage on her first day in minor to get a BOB and RUBOB on the same weekend this little girl is traveling very well and is a lovely pup and she loves the ring just like her mum Rosie. Her brother Freddie I have been putting into Puppy and he also has been winning his class and also manages a dog CH.

Dudley has been busy in the ring and out he has had a couple of stud appointments and also been winning in the ring a beautiful Australian in Show on Australia Day and BOB.

Langtry Money Well Spent went to Hungary and at 7 mths has her first pass in hearding inst test

we are so proud and happy  



Sydney Royal 
We had a good day all the team was in the top 5  with Mazie 2nd in her class
and the speciality in the afternoon we manage 3x 2nd 1 4th and Cooper BOB neuter and BEST in Show neuter
a very long day we left home at 3 am and returned at 9 pm but a lovely day

Febuary 2018
Gunning 18 Feb
Aust Ch langtry Across The Tasman  BOB 
Langtry  Christmas Edition  Res CH Bitch / Junior in Grp first show back for this girl  after a junior coat drop 
Aust neut Ch Langtry Royal King reigns BOB 
Jan 2018 

Australia day Dogs NSW  26 Jan
Dudley BOB andAustralin Beed in Show
Cooper NIG and RUNIS 
we have started of with a bang  Lake george Sat and Sun
all my girls are out of coat we took 3 Dudley , Cooper and fleur
Dudley  sat Dog Ch Sun BOB
Coooper BOB both days and RUBIG sunday
Fleur aus breed in breed both days. 

December 2017

We had  a wonderful year 2 champions Dudley and His Son Cooper
Dudley , Cooper and Mazie won multipul in group  and in show he gained heaps 
of  Frills and both Cooper and Maize won  best in Show in their Classes at the speciality  shows.
we are having a break now till middle of jan give this heat a miss and let them all come back into coat.
We are looking forward to the new year 

October 2017

we had  more frills this Month  again  we have some stars in the team
Dogs Illawarra & South East  regon  Sat AM/PM 
Cooper  RUNIS / NIG
Dudley  DCH  both shows 
Maize junior of Breed am/pm
Border Collie Club
Maize Puppy in Show
Cooper  Dch and RUNIS
Southern Highlands Kennel  3 day
Maize puppy of breed
We had a litter of pups  with daisy  4 live  ones 2b 2g and lost 2 due to complecations  and nearly lost Daisy  but she spent 24 hr at the vets on a IV  and antibotics and came home much better but was touch and go for a week or so. all good now pups great .
August  / September
in Aug we did part of the western Circuit and had some lovely wins  Duldley gained  his Aus CH title with 2BOB and 3 dog Ch   Maize picked up 3 RUBOB and a couple of puppy in grp and Cooper  got 10 BOB 7 neuter in grp 3 runig  and in september  we did west Wyalong forbes and Harden well  we manage 2 NIG and 1 RUNIS  Maize 2 RUBOB  and  Dudley 2 CH dog we also had the Southern Dist BC sat sun Cooper BNIS both days and Maize BPIS  bothe days and sat arvo Collie Club  BNIS for Cooper. also sat Dudley was in open 10 dog in the line up all sup and grand dogs and he was placed 3rd so happy
We have 2 new Champions Dudley and Cooper and he only took 1mth to gaine his title.
we have had a fantastic 2 mths  so many wins frillies and prizes. highlight
RUBIS Neuter Harden 
BIS Puppy at the speciaty both sat and sun

June 2017
Bulli Show Dudley BOB  Maize got her first Ch bitch RUBOB and Minor in Grp
Georga her sister in the USA BOB and a few other awards so we are so happy
May 2017
Wattle Cluster  9 shows well  some wonderful wins.
Langtry Across The Tasman  BOB RUBIG  our first  plus 2 ch
Langtry Christmas Edition 2 Minor in group 9 minor of breed  2 res bitch  6 mths old
Langtry  Royal King Reigns RUBOB 2 res ch  
Half way through the shows we had  Dudley and Fleur Hip and Elbows done  they have gone to be read but Karen Hepburg  was stoked with them and advised looks like 0 all round 

Feb 2017
 Wollongong Am Show  Langtry Across The Tasman Dog Challange  Royal King Regins Dog Ch 
Kangaroo Valley Langtry  Royal King Regins Dog Ch 
langtry  Abby back to Abby res bitch RUBOB
Jan  2017 
Lake Illawarra   Dudley and Fleur both got Res CH

December 2016
The new year is round the corner . and I am hoping we will be able to get out there and get some serious shows done i have a few dogs that only need a few points to gain there Aust CH.
We had a hard year this year with mum being very ill  but she is much better now .
I have all my local shows  in the first few months lake George, Kangaroo Valley ,Milton and Robertson  and canberra Royal  and Sydney Royal 

October 2016
What a great weekend Illawarra southern i took 4 dogs 2 g and 2 boys and could not be prouder.
Langtry Across the Tasman 25pt BOB  inter in grp (Dudley )
Langtry Royal King reigns  RUBOB Junior of Breed   Cooper (Dudley Son)
Langtry Crystal diamond  Bitch CH 15 Pt puppy in GRP   
Langtry Abby back to Abby  won her class 

The team is doing very well and stoked with the wins ,Cooper has been shining through at west wylong he manage Dog Ch , 2 res and 3 RUBOB he is 14 mths and we could not be happier 

21March 2016

Sydney royal is around again and  we have had some great results , langtry royal king reigns ( Cooper)  was the shining star this year 2nd in Sweep Stakes out of 110 pups  and he was given a great review by the Nz judge he also was 3rd  in breed  and 1st in the working dog special on the same day. Langtry abby back to Abby  was  4 in breed and 1st  the working dog speciality. Langtry  Crystal Diamond 4th in breed and 3rd in the speciality  Langtry Across the Tasman was 5th out 10 in intermed class, Langtry Star Quality was 4 in her class of 10 and Langtry Across the Tasman was 6th out 15 in his class , we had a lovely Royal  and some very nice youngster’s  coming through.



December 2015
A busy year  we had 4 litters this year and normanly only have 2 so i have been run off my feet but 
it has been a good year  with some nice wins Dudley has won his age class at Canberra and sydney royals and also manage to get a few Red ch dog and some age in grooups... Cooper his first son has done well unbeaten in his class baby in group baby of breed and  sweep steaks but the highlight of the year  our IMP Clan Abby Nz Royal Tully first daughter  18mths has gained he Aust CH langtry River runs Wild  so please for Jennifer  who owners her and loves her .

Langtry House
I have moved on  17 April
I showed Lilie at sydney and she was placed 4th
in Intermediate Bitch and we are very pleased.
We have bought a 5acre property at Nowra Hills
and this will give the dogs heaps of room to run
and play ,and  I can set up a agility arena grow
my own veggies and semi retire . I will be able to
work from home as part of my work contract so
life is looking very beautiful.
I have Sydney Royal with Lillie on Tuesday
in her breed class and  we are look forward to
this. Morgan is not competing at Sydney this
year  due to the Move and  I have not had time
 to do much training.
My home phone will not have a forwarding
number as I am trying to get rid of all the
unwanted calls , and serveys that keep ringing
, but I will put my new number on the web as
soon as I have it and you are welcome to call
and say Hi.
I have just come back from Tasmania, I had to cut my trip short due to work commitments ,and was only able to do Launceston Royal and Tasmanian Kennel Club shows but we did get the final 1 point's , we had a fantastic time at the Tasmanian Kennel club Ch Bitch / RUBOB / Intermediate in Group and to top the day off Intermediate in Show this was Lillie’s first time in Intermediate as she came of age 3 days prior to the show. I am very proud of her achievement in Tasmania and am looking forward to showing her in the new year, as well as starting agility with her .



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